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Life VisioningMichael Bernard Beckwith

Life Visioning Michael Bernard Beckwith. Alexandra and I love him and his wisdom. He’s a model of integrated spirituality for us one of our absolute favorite teachers. In this Note, we’ll take quick at his powerful “Life Visioning Process” and have some fun getting our wisdom on with Big Ideas ranging from The Four Stages of Evolutionary Growth to unplugging from the Internet and plugging into the “Inner-net.” Good stuff!
“Throughout our formative years and into adulthood we are given prescriptions, admonitions, exhortations, and instructions for doing our life, yet little or nothing about becoming our authentic self and living our life purpose. For that, an introduction is required, which is the ultimate purpose of the Life Visioning ProcessTM (LVP) and this book. Through visioning, you will be introduced to the You of you. And the moment you come into your own being you will say “yes” to it, all of it.“Michael Bernard Beckwith